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The Digital Aid Project

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Digital Aid Project has produced tailored recommendations and compiled digital health solutions to help care facilities to better cope with the pandemic.  

The four major pain-points our recommendations tackle are ensuring safety for everyone, avoiding patient distress, avoiding employee burnout and minimise the stress level of staff, as well as fostering organisational resilience and response strategies for efficient workflow in crises and at limited operational capacity.

Our mission is to reach as many care facilities as possible, in order to save and protect each and every live at stake!

We hope that you will find our Toolkit useful.

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The Digital Aid Project Welcomes You

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The Digital Aid Project at a Glance

The Digital Aid Project aims to put health innovation and available digital health solutions at everyone’s fingertips and #LeaveNoOneBehind before it is too late. The Digital Aid Project has been initiated as an ad-hoc, non-profit social action, comprised of public health specialists and health innovators from around the globe.


Beliving in solidarity, we created a culture of dialogue and cooperation to serve the vulnerable who do not have a voice, or their voice has not been loud enough to be heard. Through our collective work, we created The DAP Toolset, meant to support institutions, healthcare, patient organisations, clinicians, allied healthcare professionals, as well as patients in long-term care facilities, and their friends and family members, to overcome the COVID-19 health crisis.


The DAP Toolset provides information for all at-risk organisations so they can continue to provide qualitative and resilient care for those in need while avoiding patient distress and employee burnout through tailored, validated recommendations and bold, digital health solutions during and beyond the pandemic.


We hope that together we can bridge the gap between providers, families,  and inpatients at-risk through impactful, ready-to-implement digital health solutions that can relieve the burden of acute healthcare services, foster a powerful public health response and build the capacity of long-term-care facilities to manage risks through key strategies and innovation.

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Our Toolset

The tailor-made health innovation toolset responds to the needs of long-term care facilities, comprising the Aid Toolkit & the Digital Health Chart.

The Aid Toolkit

The Aid Toolkit contains tailored, validated recommendations, built on need-based, goal-oriented criteria.

The Digital Health Chart

The Digital Health Chart contains ready-to-implement digital health solutions that are able to tackle identified pain-points and support long-term care facilities to overcome the pandemic.

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The Digital Aid Project knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives.

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“One is not always happy when one is good; but one is always good when one is happy”

Oscar Wilde

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Supporting Partners


Thank you!

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